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Adoption Spotlight

Two Homeless Dogs Abandoned at Industrial Park, Get the Rescue of a Lifetime

Boots and Babs were on the verge of planning a very glib future at an industrial park in Los Angeles when help came in the form of Hope For Paws, a rescue organization on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless. Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar got a tip that from a good Samaritan that Boots and...


Paralyzed Dog Drags Her Legs For Miles Searching For Help

When Poppy was just a young pup, her spine was devastatingly crushed, causing paralysis in her hind legs. Doctors either think as a running theory that she was either trampled on by another animal or kicked by a cruel human. One day, the pup broke free from the confines of the abuse and neglect she was...


Homeless Pup Living Inside Sewage Pipe, Gets The Rescue of a Lifetime

A homeless pit bull living inside of a pipe, got the rescue of a lifetime thanks to the hardworking, dedicated staff and volunteers of Hope For Paws. The organization founded by Eldad Hagar is known for rescuing dogs in the worst of situations, restoring hope to these forgotten souls one rescue at a...


Loyal Dog Patiently Waits For His Owner To Return After Riding With Him To Hospital

Last week, emergency medical workers in Brazil were called on to help a homeless man suffering from respiratory issues. Although the man may have been stripped bare of material possessions, they would soon discover that he was in fact, rich in other ways. There, by his side was the man’s pup named Marrom, who...


Abandoned Dogs Leads Rescuers To His Lost Friend In The Woods

When everything in life is lost, there is nothing like the companionship and security of a good friend-All you have to do is ask this pup and his bunny friend. Sadly, a cold and heartless human decided he wanted to do away with both pets, and so in a heartless act of cruelty, he dumped both on the side...

Adoption Spotlight

Security Camera Catches Man Doing The Sweetest Thing For Homeless Pup

For a lonely, shivering dog in Giresun, Turkey, she might have thought she didn’t have a friend in the world, as she summoned all her strength to stay warm on this particularly blustery winter evening. A recent theft in the neighborhood left one resident reviewing camera footage to catch the...