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Former Street Dog Lands New Gig As The Worlds Cutest Police Dog

To all the bad guys out there please be aware, there is a new cop in town, and he is quite adorable.

Azul, who hails from Suba district of Bogota, Colombia, patrols the streets on the lookout for one particular enemy: the lack of cuteness everywhere. That is not an easy job to say and write the least.

Azul is a shadow of his former self and lived through a time when life was a little less certain. In fact, four years ago, it was Azul who was the one who needed the help after his owner Nicolas Alejandro Walteros, found him injured on the street, after being attacked by another dog.

Walteros, who works as a  military reservist recalls the promise he made to an injured Azul saying,

“I told him I would give him everything he needed. And he adopted me as his dad.”

That very day, Walteros Adopted Azul, making him a permanent member of his family.

It wasn’t long after Azul entered into Walteros’ life that he quickly fit into just about all aspects of his life. Walteros, who frequently patrols the street by motorcycle, trained Azul to ride comfortably with him.

Soon, he began to introduce him to other police officers at the station, and they all, as expected, took a serious liking to the charming pup. Soon, Walteros got the permission he needed from the higher ups to make Azul a community ambassador for the police station.

With his new title, Walteros got to work making Azul look the part. He stitched up an adorable uniform replete with a hat, pants, and official police jacket. Walteros even bought Azul a pair of custom shades. Adorable indeed.

As you can see from the image below, Azul was already equipped with the perfect mustache to complete his look.

Azul patrols his beat, next to the traditional German shepherd pups used by police departments across Columbia.

Azul is having a positive impact not only in his own community but is boosting morale to a new level at the police station.

Azul is a local celebrity of sorts and is being used by the department to improve police-community relations. Everywhere he goes, people stop to take pictures, and that is the perfect opportunity for Walteros to share his incredible story of survival.

Wishing Azul all the luck, and safety in the world bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he meets.