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WATCH: Army Sargeant Reunites With Dog She Thought She Would Never See Again

We want to introduce you to the moment U.S. Army Sergeant Dahlberg’s family was once again complete. Dahlberg came home one day only to find out that her dog Ginger was missing. She and her daughter searched endlessly for their beloved pup, hoping that someone might have spotted her. Days went...

In The News

Security Camera Catches Man Doing The Sweetest Thing For Homeless Pup

For a lonely, shivering dog in Giresun, Turkey, she might have thought she didn’t have a friend in the world, as she summoned all her strength to stay warm on this particularly blustery winter evening. A recent theft in the neighborhood left one resident reviewing camera footage to catch the...


Watch: Helpful Golden Retriever Puppy Helps His Mom Bring In The Groceries

When chasing squirrels and playing with your tug toys gets to be too boring, most little pups go to sleep, and wait for the next great adventure to unfold. Not this adorable golden pup. He saw mom bringing in the groceries, and decided to help. Have a look at this adorable video below of him in action: ...


After Her Tearful Plea Went Viral, Young Girl Reunited With Lost Dog

Madison Wallace, and her family got the happy ending, they thought they might never see. After the family dog went missing, Madison took to Facebook and made a heartfelt plea that was at times tearful. The video went viral, and as luck would have it, her beloved pup was finally discovered. It all started...


Human Does Magic Trick and Dog Is NONE Too Impressed

Can you imagine being a dog and your Pappa promises you a treat only to play a nice little magic trick on you? First you look in one hand….. And then the other and poof the treat is gone. At this point, the dog is so unimpressed, he must be saying to himself “this isn’t David Copperfield,...


Devoted German Shepherd Comforts His Wife After Painful Birth

After experiencing a painful birth, the wife of a devoted German shepherd husband was comforted by him to help ease the pain of it all. Have a look at this video presently making rounds on social media. It is truly heartwarming. ...

Photo Gallery

Adorable Dog Dresses Up to Help Dad Propose To Mom

When Matt Corbett was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend of three years, he knew that he was going to need a little bit of help beforehand-from his 3-year-old pup, Aubrey. Corbet, and his now fiancee Sarah Edwards, first welcomed Aubrey into their home when he was only a puppy some three years...


Dog Who Was Abused Is So Fearful of Everyone Except This Baby

Elizabeth Spence and her husband have quite the busy household. Together, the married couple have three children and a total of five rescue pets. The couple, who have a big heart, have a very difficult time saying no to anyone, when it comes to rescue animals, and often go after the ones that nobody...


Touching Image Captures The Moment Rescued Pit Bull Realizes She Safe For The First Time in Her Life

Pit bulls are without question one of the most loyal breeds of dogs out there. Because of this loyalty, and their innate ability to trust, cruel people breed these dogs to fight. Pit bulls are not by nature, dangerous violent animals. Instead, they are taught by cruel humans through severe, and irresponsible...